Toàn quốc Mekong Delta wetland vs the extreme coldness in Hanoi

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  1. Even though Vietnam topography varies tremendously along the Northwest - Southeast axis, we pick Hanoi and mekong Delta as the two most significant capabilities representing for a flooded-like wetland with tropical heat as well as humidity in the South against a cold delta of Hanoi in the North.

    Mekong Delta is popular because of its immense network of rivers and tropical-oriented ambiance.

    Thus, those below are apparently essential based on your specific Southern Vietnam holiday programs:

    ● Traveling by boats is definitely involved, thus preparing low heeled waterproof footwear and flip-flop sandals are highly recommended.

    ● Anti-insect spray is surely required as a tool to get rids of mosquitoes.

    ● Last but not least, sunscreen, umbrella, sunglasses, and hat are constantly wanted on the way.

    Regarding such a frigid land as Hanoi or perhaps its surrounding, you are advised to:

    ● Not wearing jeans yet putting on overlapping light clothes.

    ● Wool made scarf, hat and winter ear covers are smart choices.

    ● Cold weather tends to get your lips and hands chapped. Make sure proper hand product and lip balm always look available in your pocket.

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